Saturday, January 29, 2011

Facts and Speculation

True fact, I mostly live in a farmhouse with no internet and, more crucially, no computer. What computer time I get, I borrow from civilised folks in the suburbs.

Speculation, I shall soon have a laptop and will become a starbucks zombie tiptapping away as a wifivampire.

True fact, this blog is hereby about my day to day baking at work and at home, and the weirdness of moving into an old house on the way to, but not quite in the middle of, nowhere.

Speculation, the goings-on in a bakery run entirely by women is a odd, somewhat rude and generally entertaining. The actual baking is more of a sideshow to the host of conversational threads about all things right and wrong - culture, politics, health, religion, how awful children are these days. And gutter-minded subjects, naturally.

Speculation, the recipes I do develop in my spare time may be of interest to the general public. As I return to painting and threadwork, folks might dig that as well. Speaking of digging, it's time to start seeds for the garden, just about, and that'll wheedle its way in as well.

True fact, Rosemary's Bakery is a whole new blog. A more interesting blog. A better-kept blog. An account of the baking life and it's sidebars.

Peace, etc.
Rose G V

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Anonymous said...

Finally there will be new material when I link to your blog like 8 times a week.